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Friday, January 20, 2012

Princess Party {Fav Foto Friday}

Last weekend, Xandra was invited to a princess party. 
How awesome- right?

Unfortunately, she had had to stay home from school on Friday because she threw up a couple times. But the doctor couldn't find anything wrong (in other words, she didn't have strep). I really debated if I ought to let her go to a party on Saturday. But all her friends from daycare were going to be there that she hadn't seen too much since Kindergarten started up. And as mysteriously as her "illness" came on, it disappeared lightning bolt fast. 

Come to think of it, the symptoms disappeared pretty quickly after I told her she wouldn't be going to school. Hmmm.... She better not be pulling that stuff already!!!

So, obviously I let her go. It helped that one of her bestest buds was going (which gave me the opportunity to hang with one of my besets buds- his mom!). 

Landon was the only boy invited to the princess party. But I don't think he minded too much. Landon had also stayed home from school that Friday- he actually had something though.. croup. Yuck. But he got meds & wasn't feeling too horrible.

Xandra & Landon's buddy K was there. K has a *slight* crush on Mr. Landon. Every time I turned around, she was chasing him (or as above, had caught him), and tried to kiss him!! Too cute!
(BTW- K is totally 100% a-dor-a-ble.)

The party was only a couple hours (as most are), but both Xandra & Landon were tuckering out pretty fast. There was quite a bit of whining going on in that house (thankfully, not all of it came from my kiddo... but a lot did).

We had fun, and Xandra loved showing off her goody bag full of candy to Milo. But her glee was short-lived. Bad mama that I am, I made her share! 

Have a great weekend everyone!! It looks like we will be getting quite a little winter storm tonight (blegh!). Hopefully, I'll be able to con persuade Matt to entertain the kiddos while I get some homework done. :) 
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