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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Break

I'm officially on fall break at school. I get a few days off, which is really nice. I still have homework to do, but I don't actually go back to school until next Tuesday. That means I have a little bit of time to do some things I've been putting off:
  • get a flu shot
  • get Xandra's flu mist {Milo already had his before his surgery}
  • clean out old toys & clothes & sell them at the second-hand store
  • start shopping for Christmas presents (at least add some to the list!)
  • work on getting laundry caught up (HA!)
  • clean out & organize my closet (...)
  • clean out the pantry
  • work on world peace...
you know... cause I'll have so much free time in the next 5 days...

Oh, and I need to squeeze in a festival this Saturday where Matt will be campaigning. It's a small local event that we've never been to before. Because I'm actually looking forward to some photo ops at the festival, it will probably rain or the kids will be in their usual persnickety mood when they see the camera.  Or both. I'm not holding my breath. 

I've had these shots hanging out on the computer for about a week. They don't really go with any kind of story, which is why I've held on to them. But it's nice to be able to see a pretty sunny day (now that we've apparently entered the rainy season here). {I hate that I can never get the lighting right - by the time I can kick the kids out of the house, the sun is so harsh all my pictures come out underexposed (in the shade) or overexposed (in the sun). Just no middle ground!!}

He's not frowning - he was blowing zurberts at me & I caught him in the middle of one.

This is so Xandra. She was in the midst of telling me a very drawn-out, very dramatic story about something, complete with sweeping hand motions & lots of facial expressions. :)

"Quit sticking that camera in my face Mama! You're standing in my way & I need to get through!!"

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