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Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween is not necessarily my favorite "holiday"- as I'm sure you've noticed by my lack of posting about it. We went to the pumpkin patch that one time, but didn't ever go back to get the big pumpkins (the carving ones). Oops. Maybe next year...

I do enjoy the candy part, though. My hips don't. 

Matt couldn't go with us this year, which was a huge bummer. He had class tonight.  :(  We missed him a lot. Especially with this being Milo's 1st Halloween. But we did ok. And with Kristin's help, I managed to get more pictures than I ever would have been able to on my own.

~Thanks Kristin!!

Xandra originally wanted to be Rapunzel this year. My FB friends will recall our horrendous problems trying to find a wig... it really was a nightmare. So, we settled on Princess Aurora instead.
Xandra & Landon getting some loot!
Milo was pretty excited about the candy.
Milo caught on very quickly how to get candy!
Milo was dressed as Wicket the Ewok. I got a number of "Is he a Care-Bear?" "Oh, what a cute little teddy bear!" "Ummm.. what's an Ewok?"
Really people??!!! Come on!! I realize I'm old, but seriously people... it's an iconic movie... look into it! :)
So cute!!
He flat-out refused to let me help carry that candy bucket. I think he thought I was stealing his candy! .... I was
The kiddos are in bed... now, where's that candy?!

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