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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photo Dump {Sunday Snapshot}

A lot of these were taken last week, because our weekend weather has been just plain cold. We seem to have skipped over fall & smacked right into near-winter weather (much like we skipped spring & went straight into over-100 degree weather). I am not enjoying this weather. At all. I've always been a summer girl anyway, never caring much for fall & especially not winter. I hate being cold & I hate wearing big, puffy clothing required to keep me warm. 

Anyway, I had these pics sitting in my computer waiting to be used... so here they are!

He picked a wildflower (one of the last of the season) from the lot near our house & spent the next 20 minutes studying it.
Xandra has always been my nature girl- constantly fascinated with flower, grass, trees, leaves, rocks... 

Our city is hosting a Fall Festival in a couple weeks. Among the festivities, they are having a Cutest Baby contest (I'll use "contest" loosely- they paste a picture of the babies on coffee cans & whosever picture gets the most "votes"[i.e. money] wins). So, I'm trying to decide which picture to use of Milo: 
hate that dry skin on his eyebrow! but it's a good shot of those gorgeous eyes!
there's that pesky dry skin again! grrrr! but a good shot of little man smiling! 
another cute one, even though he's all wet (one of those insanely hot summer days).
 I'd love input!! Any thoughts? I wish I could enter Xandra too, but she's too old now. :(

***Please take a minute or two to check out my new page (link located up there at the top right): "Advocating ~ Diana". I've never advocated for a child before (heck, I've never sponsored a baby before her), but this cutey-patootey needs a forever family! Please look & pass on her info to as many people as you can!! Thanks!!

Sunday Snapshot

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