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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Referral Day Anniversary!!

Exactly one year ago today...
a Tuesday
at 11:24 am
while I was shopping for some winter clothes
I received an email from our adoption coordinator:

... I was on the databank last night and did see a little boy that I wanted to share with you, I am not sure if you would be open to his special need or not though, he is missing the lower half of his left arm, and has an issue with his kidney, but I am not sure the details of his kidney, you would have to see the medicals.  Let me know if you would be interested in learning more about him.  I cannot guarantee that he is still on the databank, but he may be, I thought I would share him with you though just in case you may be interested.  I have attached a couple of pictures for you to see and his development report. Let me know what you think. 
Zheng Nan Gan
postoperative exarticulation of left elbow; comose concrement of right kidney 

I immediately forwarded the email & pictures to Matt. He was worried... what did that "concrement of right kidney" mean? Then I was worried. I'd kind of skipped over that part in my rush to see the pictures (yeah- I'm the pictures first, facts later kind of girl).

Although we were a little "gun shy" (this post explains), we took a leap of faith & submitted all of his medical history to Cincinnati Children's IAC. Two days later (2 days that I didn't sleep at all, or concentrate at school), we got word back that he appeared to be healthy... we still didn't know what "conferment of right kidney" meant, but we decided to move forward any way.

So, on October 29, 2010, we locked his file. We were adopting this little boy! He was ours... aside from getting official approval from the Chinese government.

I stared holes into those pictures for months! Those big, dark, sorrowful eyes. Those full, pouty lips that never showed an iota of a smile. I had no idea when the pictures were taken, how old he was in them, or what he would look like when we finally met him. We begged our agency for an update, but were told they were not allowed to request one. (???-we still don't understand that response) We sent 2 care packages through Ann of Red Thread China. She did such a wonderful job getting our packages to Milo's orphanage, but we still didn't receive any updated information.

Finally, out of desperation & frustration, we sent one final care package through Gifts to China with Love in April 2011 (by this time, we already had our TA). We told Sheri the most important thing to us was getting an update on Milo's measurements. While a picture would be nice, we knew he would be in our arms in just a few weeks. We just really wanted to know what size clothes to bring with us.

Sheri delivered. Oh boy, did Sheri deliver!! She managed to get us an update on his measurements, a synopsis of his personality, & a typical "day in the life."

Zheng Nan Gan
April 19, 2011

 Here is the letter from Ms Luo Yi of Shanghai CWI:

I just got the gifts for Nan Gan.We wish his forever family come to adopt him soon.

现在把他的情况回复如下,请转告他的父母:Please send the update to his parents.
height身高  81 
weight  体重  10  
head C头围  46  
chest C   51   
feet length     13  
teeth齿   6

He is a happy and active child. He loves to smile. He will feel nervous when he see strangers. He loves snacks and toys.

every day ,5Am, drink babyformula每天5:00喝配方奶;
6:30Am,gets up, breakfast起床、早餐;
8:00am bath ,formula,steamed egg洗澡、喝配方奶或吃蛋羹;
9:00—10:30am outdoor play户内外活动
10:30am lunch,formula午餐、喝配方奶;
11:00—13:30nap time午睡;
13:30pm gets up起床;
14:00pm formula ,fruits pieces喝配方奶、吃水果片;
14:30—16:00pm outdoor play 户内外活动
16:30晚餐 dinner
17:00—18:30pm watch TV,indoor play户内外活动或看电视
19:00 formula喝配方奶;
19:30 go to bed就寝。

PLUS, we got our updated pictures! 

And just a few short weeks later, we held our boy for the first time!
I can't believe it's been an entire year since we first saw our Milo's face.
Time flies, doesn't it?

Happy Referral Day!!

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