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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Xandra Growing Pains {Sunday Snapshot}

Since I've been focusing a few posts all about Milo, I figured it was Xandra's turn again. I love this girl more than she will ever know. In many ways we are so much alike.... too much alike at times. She knows just how to get under my skin. 

I'm watching her mature, and grow into her own person right in front of my eyes. She's been testing her limits the past few weeks. I'm sure it's partially from being around all new kids in her kindergarten class - she's been testing out some new attitudes. None of which will fly at our house.

We experienced her first big-time punishment yesterday. Suffice it to say, she acted horrendously at a doctor's appointment. She had to forsake her promised trip to get some ice cream (which meant I had to give up my cravings for ice cream, too). And she was not allowed to play with any of her favorite toys (i.e. Barbies) all day. She also got to spend a great deal of time in her room, thinking about what she had done.

It was hard on all of us- especially Milo. He just didn't understand why his idol couldn't play with him. That boy just worships her. I suppose I never truly understood it when my parents told me that punishments were harder on them than on me... I get it now.

We'll find our footing again, I know. It will probably be just in time for her to begin another new school with all new kids to influence her. Fun. (Our town has one school specifically for kindergarteners. Then the kids move on to an elementary school for 1st-5th grades.)

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Oh my, she a beautiful kiddo! And good for you for doing the tough mama work. I really don't like carrying through the consequences but I guess that's what the job description calls for.
    Gorgeous images too!
    Nancy-of the crazy 9

  2. She is so darn cute:) We go through the same stuff here. I think alot of it is adusting to the K schedule for us. The sass is coming out in a big way!!!

    Happy Halloween:)

  3. She is such a cutie. Our #3 can have an attitude that is bigger than she is! But stay firm in the midst of the attitude. Discipline in never my fave of things. But the end results, the end results will be worth it. ;-)



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