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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Open Minds...

I'm probably not the best one to speak about religion, beliefs, or faith. My mom (an ex-Catholic) decided to let me choose my own faith/religion when I was old enough to decide. I understand her reasoning, and for the most part, I never really thought much about it through my growing-up years. I went with various friends to their families' churches of choice. But I never went regularly, or ever really chose a religion/church/faith. I barely even know the basic children's bible stories.

I heard once (on a commercial, I think, which is kind of amusing): "I believe in all paths to enlightenment." I think that's the one thing I can whole-heartedly believe in, without question! I don't mean any disrespect to anyone out there who is of any faith, but this is my blog... so I get to say whatever I want! I'm trying to work through some of my religion hang-ups, and I need to vent about some things. Because of our adoption, I'm pretty addicted to seeking out adoption blogs - people who have "been there, done that." A lot of people who adopt (not all, but a lot) tend to be very religious. They sometimes site "a calling" to adopt. I honestly do not care what their reason is to start the process - I'm just thrilled people are choosing this path.

What upsets me is when I read about a family who has gone to China to get their child. While there, the new family has the requisite tourist stops of sightseeing & shopping (btw, I'm totally looking forward to this part!). I've read a few families' blogs that mention going to a Buddhist temple. Not only are the temples amazing architecture, but many of them will allow you to bring your new child in to have them blessed by the monks. I've read a couple stories of families who either refuse to enter the temple, or as one family stated, felt "dirty" after the visit because they're Christians. WHAT??!! These families are adopting a Chinese child... what is so wrong with honoring their culture? And why in the world would you feel "dirty" for entering a temple? No matter how you're receiving it (a priest, a pastor, a monk, a wizard...), a blessing is an awesome thing! It's someone sending good thoughts, good wishes to your child and your family! Who wouldn't want that??

For anyone reading this: please send me & my family all of the good thoughts, good wishes, blessings, prayers you have! I will happily welcome any support we can get- no matter what your faith!! I would think just the process of going through the adoption process would open people's minds to embrace new cultures, new people, new faiths, new languages. But, some people will never have an open mind. It's a shame, I think, that a large part of these children's former lives will become... dirty.

Oh well.. rant over. Sorry if I offended anyone....

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