True Love: The feeling when you first look in your child's eyes, the tiny little hand gripping your finger, and you can't imagine your life without him or her.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow in a Small World

Child labor laws? What child labor laws?? :)

We got another decent snow yesterday, so Xandra & I decided to try to clear the driveway before daddy came home. Thankfully, the snow hadn't compacted yet, so we did a pretty good job. She had fun while I tried to wear her out! ;)

I had contacted a seller on et*y.com last month to make us some new Christmas stockings (we need another stocking for MIlo & I'd like them to match). When the woman got back with me, she let me know it may take a while to complete them as she's in the midst of an adoption!! What are the odds?? What a small world!! Apparently, she's doing a domestic adoption, so she's waiting to see if a birthmother chooses her family. I let her know that she could really take as much time as she needed - obviously we don't need new stockings until next December! I believe she'll hear something this coming week - I'll be sending good thoughts her way!

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