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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Is it wrong to bribe your kids? I know there are differing opinions on this parenting philosophy, but it is what it is. And at times, it does work. I know I've beat this topic to death, but Xandra's attitude is just about ruling our household. I can't stand it. I hate that our days revolve around what mood Xandra is currently in. Because this is what we're dealing with on a daily basis:

She's stopped eating without being yelled at, cajoled, begged, and punished. We went to dinner with my dad last night to celebrate Father's Day early. She was very excited to see Papa, until he was actually standing in front of her. For some reason, her mood turned 180 degrees, and she suddenly didn't want anything to do with him. 

Tonight, we went through the whole routine again. She refused dinner, so we told her she had two options: sit at the table & eat or go to bed. She chose bed. Ugh. 

We stopped by Walmart earlier today where Xandra found this: 
It's about $33, but I really wasn't prepared to buy it for her today. Not with the way she's been acting recently. So I taught her a new word -"Expensive." :) 

I spoke with Matt about it, and we decided to get it but hold it until her attitude starts to improve. Right or wrong.... I just hope to God it works!! Even a temporary fix at this point would be worth it! 

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