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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Destructor

We've got a new nickname for Milo... The Destructor! He can tear the house apart in seconds flat. We're just not used to how boys act, apparently. I always knew Xandra was an easy baby... but I have new respect for her with every passing day. We never had to baby-proof the house because she just didn't get into things. I showed her what she could touch, and what she couldn't. That was it. That's all I had to do. Yes... we were spoiled.

Milo is such a different story. The other day, I was home alone with him (Xandra is back to daycare & Matt was at a dr's appointment). I was trying to work on the computer a bit. I could hear him, so I didn't think he was getting into trouble. Then I heard "blub...Bluuub..bluub" What the...??? I got up and found him face first in the dog's water bowl, blowing bubbles!!! When he saw me, he got a huge grin on his (very wet) face!! Seriously??!! I picked the bowl up & put it on the counter. A couple minutes later, I heard a crash & of course found my precious boy soaked through after having pulled the bowl on top of himself, as well as most of the kitchen!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!

We are going through all of the toys we currently have to make sure they're Milo-proof. So far, though, his favorite place is Xandra's very loved kitchen set. He loves pulling out every single thing from the cupboard (i.e. oven) & throwing it. If I try to attempt to pick things up while he's still awake.... well, it's just best not to. Seriously, why torture myself??

As I mentioned, Xandra is back to daycare. Whereas most parents pull their kids out to have summers off, we've decided to keep her in. She loves it there, and she is so loved on by the teachers & kids. It gives her an opportunity to be on her own without Milo stealing the show. And her feelings for A (the boy she's liked for a while) haven't diminished from being away for 3 weeks. Yesterday when I picked her up, A & his mom were leaving at the same time. Xandra yelled out "I LOVE you A!!!" & He dutifully responded "I love you too Xandra!!" Oh Lord....

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  1. LOVE IT!! Sounds Oh-so-familiar in the Murphy household!!! I love knowing that we're in the same boat Amy!!!! LOL...


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