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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer??? Where Are You??!!

This has been our skyline for much longer than I'd like. Seriously, it rained the entire month of May, although we did manage to escape 2 weeks of it while we were in China :) And it has rained well over half of June. The few days it hasn't been raining, it's been unbearably, swelteringly hot & humid!!! What happened to the summers of my childhood??? My poor kids have been stuck inside for most of the season! And Milo has been coming up with new ways to entertain himself:
(*sorry for the blurry pics, but he was moving fast!)
Yeah... he's between the back of the couch & the wall.... This boy finds trouble everywhere he goes. It feels like Groundhog Day a lot. He messes up each room he enters, and I get to clean it up after he goes to bed. Every. Single. Day. 

He does make our lives interesting. We're almost always laughing at something he's doing. He's desperately trying to speak with us. He can now say:
Thank You**
**it's a bit garbled, but I can understand it**

I've been trying to teach him a little bit of sign language, but I'm apparently not doing a very good job of it. Mostly, I just want him to be able to tell us when he's hungry and/or thirsty. As it is right now, he cries/whines/fusses, and we have to figure out what it is that he wants (it's like having a newborn on some days). We've also noticed that he no longer speed-eats. In fact, he's slowed down so much that there are many times I end up taking away an almost full plate from him because he'll happily sit at the table playing around with his food for an hour or more. He's really grasping that there is always food available. I think it's a great sign that he's really feeling comfortable with us & bonding well. Yea!!! :)


  1. Wow--so know the feeling of everything you are going through!! At least Milo is saying some words!!! Charlie grunts and moans at everything! He also seems to know the food is still coming because he's started refusing to eat some things--little stinker!

  2. I had to laugh yesterday cause I gave him some of my pasta salad that had some green olives in it. He put one in his mouth & immediately spit it out, then followed it up with a whole-body shake down. Apparently, he does not like green olives!! :) Too cute!!


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