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Sunday, February 6, 2011

FCC Chinese New Year

Dragon 2-11

The Dragon that led the kids' parade

Xandra Chinese NY 2-11
Xandra got a *little* overwhelmed with all the noise-makers at the end!

Danielle (left) & Kieren (right) - some of our friends from our FCC group

We had a great time at the Chinese New Year Celebration last night!! Unfortunately, my camera decided to get an attitude with me (as well as Xandra), so I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted.

We had debated up until the last minute whether we would be able to go to the event, because the weather was awful! It was combo-snowing/sleeting as we drove the 40 minutes to get to the party. Matt was initially not thrilled about going. I think he was just really worried about the streets getting bad. And I'd had to wake Xandra a little early from her nap so we could leave early enough to compensate for the bad roads. So, I was the only one really excited to be going...

It took a while to get into the mood of the evening (cranky kid, and somewhat cranky husband). But as soon as the food was (*finally!*) served, we had a great time! Matt & I haven't had Chinese food for quite some time & Xandra's never had it before. (Quick back story: Matt & I had Chinese food on New Year's a number of years back, and we both came down with either a stomach bug or food poisoning the next day. Chinese food does not taste good coming out the wrong way... ) It was really good food, although Xandra pretty much only ate noodles & a couple bites of chicken & broccoli (pretty good for her!).

The best part of the evening was the tail end- the children's parade with the Dragon! We'd had to almost hold Xandra in her seat most of the evening - she was dying to go running around the "ballroom" like she was seeing other kids doing. Too bad for her, her parents are strict. We didn't want her to get into or cause any trouble. But when it was time for the children's parade, that's exactly what she was finally able to do. She was really happy, but got a slight bit overwhelmed with the loud noise-makers. She kept running back to me yelling to me that it was too loud in there! :)

Matt couldn't stop commenting for most of the night (& even today) about how absolutely beautiful all the kids were. He kept looking around & turning to me saying "There's not one child here I wouldn't snatch up in a heartbeat. They're all so beautiful!" I couldn't agree more! It was like a "Cute-ness Overload!"

Matt & I have ever-so-briefly touched on wanting to adopt again in the future. I admitted to him last night that I really want to get a sister for Xandra. Obviously, we need to complete Milo's adoption first. And we both need to complete our education & get on track with our new careers, but then I really want to do this again! We would most definitely choose a different agency to go through, but I'm actually looking forward to everything falling in place, and going again!

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