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Monday, February 21, 2011

Overwhelmed Much?

This is how I usually feel at school:
And this is how I usually feel at home:

Are we noticing a pattern here? If I haven't mentioned it before, this is my unofficial mid-term week. I say "unofficial" because the majority of my courses don't actually have midterm exams (actually only one of my classes has a scheduled midterm & final exam). It just so happens that this week, I have an exam of some type in every single course. I've managed the first 2 I took today pretty well. I got an A on one & a B on the other. But, the worst is yet to come. I have another on Wednesday that I'm not too worried about. It's the one on Thursday (an Anatomy Practical) and the one on Friday (a Physics exam) that have me scared out of my mind.

The Anatomy one is over the circulation system. I have to name various arteries and veins throughout the body on any number of models and/or charts, as well as on a cadaver. I also need to know the physiology of the heart inside & out (literally). And I need to be able to trace the blood flow from any given point in the body, through the heart & lungs, to another point in the body. I should feel a bit better about this because I've actually had an additional week and a half to study for it because it was pushed back due to the ice/snow storms we had a couple weeks back. Did I take advantage of that extra studying time? Not really. I haven't fully neglected my time - I did look over things a few times, but I'm still not feeling all that confident. And I *really* need to do well on this to pull my overall grade up.

They Physics exam is another story. There really isn't an easy way to study for that. Thankfully, my teacher allows us to use one 8.5x11 piece of paper filled with any type of notes, formulas, & example problems that we can fit onto it. But what to put on that paper?? Hmmmm... You just never know what will come in handy. I managed to pull an A on my last exam, so now it kind of feels like a standard has been set. I'd love to keep my A average in Physics, cause it makes me feel smart. :) It's something I feel really good about- especially when I find out that my wonderful husband has been bragging about me to my family behind my back. Love that man! I'm secretly scared that first exam was just a fluke & I'll never be able to pull it off again. I guess we'll see...

On top of all of the pressure this week, my baby girl is still sick. She's not sick enough to stay home from school (i.e. she doesn't have a fever any more), but she's still miserable. Her teacher started texting me while I was in my Physics lecture today, telling me that Xandra was asking to go home. Knife through my heart. What I wouldn't have given to be able to leave to go get her right then. But I couldn't. Not this week. I forwarded the message on to Matt, but he couldn't get her either (he had some appointments scheduled today). Instead, Xandra's incredible teacher apparently cuddled her most of the day. Xandra appears to be one of the favorites among the teachers at her school. I love that she's so loved. Thank God for that place! I'm never worried about her when she's there (& that's saying a lot cause I constantly worry about her).

And it now appears that Matt may be coming down with something as well. I don't have time for this! It already breaks my heart when I come home & Xandra desperately wants me to play with her, and I have to tell her no. Especially when she's sick. All I want to do is make her happy & feel better. But, I have to get that homework & studying done. I try really hard to get her to play with daddy (though mommy is still the 1st choice), and now he doesn't feel up to playing. Grrr! Not enough hours in the day!!!

The one shining light is that I only have 2 weeks left until spring break! WOOO!! Of course, my spring break is quickly being packed in with various appointments & catching up with "little things" that have been pushed back until I have time. I suppose this is the new life that I lead. God help me when we have 2 kids! I really need to get on top of my organizational skills!! Let me know if any of you out there have any tips or ideas!! I'm all ears!

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