True Love: The feeling when you first look in your child's eyes, the tiny little hand gripping your finger, and you can't imagine your life without him or her.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Xandra Day & Photography

I feel as though I've been neglecting on my beautiful baby girl's updates. There has been so much on my mind lately... So I'm going to try to make up for it a bit today. 


Can you believe those eyes?? And eyelashes?? She obviously did not get those from me! I just love staring at these beautiful blue/gray eyes! They're like pools of water! I know I sound corny, but she's just so gorgeous!

And that smile! She's almost always in a good mood. She receives nothing but glowing reports from all of her teachers. They all have asked to babysit her (how often do you get that? Instead of us scrounging around trying to find a sitter, we have a pool of about 5 different people we have to choose from! She's just got such a magnetic personality. And she is such a good girl- we couldn't be any luckier with her. She makes it just too easy to be her parents!

This soccer ball beanbag... Daddy got this as a last-minute Christmas gift last year (2009). Xandra had just started expressing interest in anything soccer-related, so Daddy picked this out. For almost a full year, it just sat in our family room, basically unused. Then suddenly, about 3 or 4 months ago, both Daddy & Xandra began wanting to sit on it- all the time. Now they argue over who gets to use it, which almost always leads to a wrestling match! I think we're going to need another one soon...

Xandra & her big ole bag of Cheese-Its. Another love shared by Daddy. Shhhh- Daddy was sleeping when she stole his bag of chips, so he still doesn't know. :)

And finally, Xandra's baby dolls. She has about 10 or 12 of them, though most times it feels like at least 50 or more. The last few days, she has been giving them "stamps" using write on/wipe off markers. Xandra gets a stamp on her hands at school for doing well in language class (spanish & sign language). She hates when it's time to wash them off. So now all of her dolls are sporting some type of "stamp" & a few of them even have their toes "painted" with the markers. She's just so creative! I love how her mind works, though we are going to have to wash these stamps off soon, too. (I sure hope they'll come off!)

I've made a resolution of sorts, which I *never* do. I don't like resolutions because I always feel so bad when I fail & I always fail. But this one, I'm going to try my darndest! I've resolved to carry my camera with me more & take more pictures of our family. I love photos! I always have. When I was younger, I had the most incredible job working in a photography studio. I loved it! And that led me to start going to school at OIP&T (which is no longer in business) to become a photographer. Unfortunately, I was very young, and ended up quitting because I just couldn't understand any lighting concepts. I still enjoy taking pictures, but I always have such high standards (because I worked so long with the pros), I'm almost always disappointed with myself. Back when I was in school (before digital cameras), I would go through 3 or 4 film canisters to find 1 picture I was satisfied with. Thank God for digital, so I don't have to spend so much money any more on film!! 

What this long rant means, is there are a lot of times that I want to take photos, but I just don't because I've determined that I just won't be able to get *the shot* I want, so I don't even try. Dumb reasoning, I know. I really wanted to sign up for a photography seminar that's coming up to improve on my skills, but it was rather expensive and going on while I'm still in school. I'm already finding it a bit difficult to get in all of my needed studying for school, so Matt and I determined that it would be best to hold off on that for now. Maybe I can do it this summer, if they offer it again. 

There are a few bad parts to all of this: 
#1- I'm still not happy with my photos, especially of Xandra (whom is an incredible subject & usually very willing), though I know in my heart, that practice makes perfect.
#2-I'm supposed to take pictures for Matt's friend's wedding in early April. Yep, my first photography "job" (I'm not being paid). And I'm scared to death. The couple doesn't have much money, and would have no pictures at all if I didn't agree to do it. That's the only reason I agreed. Matt & the bride-to-be hounded me for weeks to get to do it. I'm still not looking forward to it...
#3-I'm going to have another gorgeous model soon, and his pictures will mean so much to me! I desperately want to take incredible, vivid pictures while we're in China. This opportunity will not come again & I don't want to mess it up! I want to take portrait-quality pictures that I can print out & frame up for our son. 

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