True Love: The feeling when you first look in your child's eyes, the tiny little hand gripping your finger, and you can't imagine your life without him or her.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SPRING & Eating my Words

Our dog Lexie, perched on the arm of our couch (her favorite spot), so she can soak up the sun (she's kind of a solar dog)

Why, is that sun I see in that picture?! Today was the first day of the year that we hit decent temperatures- above 60!! Spring is on its way!! Matt noticed yesterday that the sun was actually still up at 6:00 pm! We haven't seen that in what feels like forever - the new Daylight Savings schedule really sucks in that aspect.

Eating my Words
Ok, a few posts back I complained about my jack-in-the-box daughter who continually pops up at night. Yes, I do still find this a rather annoying habit. But last night when I heard her stirring in the middle of the night, I went in to check (she was whimpering & she's prone to having bad dreams). So, I walked into her room & this is what happened:
"Are you okay, honey?"
Her reply was, "Mooommmmy...hhhmmmmuuuhhhhhdddddddddmmmmmmm."
"Sweety, are you alright? Cause you're not using real words."
"Mooommmmmmm... Iiiii..."
"Ok, let me tuck you back in. Love you! Night!!"
She was apparently still asleep. It was beyond adorable. I've been having a hard time recently realizing how much she's growing up. And I mean that literally - she's insanely tall! But she's also doing so much more on her own- becoming so independent. It's good, I know. But kind of bittersweet for me. I miss my baby.

I never thought we'd get out of the infant stage, and we had a difficult time with her. Her first year and a half, she had crazy reflux - it seemed that all she would do was eat, vomit, eat, vomit, eat, sleep, pee, & repeat. For every 1 bottle a "normal" baby would have (yes, she was a bottle-baby.. we tried really hard, but breast feeding just never worked for us), Xandra would need at least 2 or 3. She wasn't diagnosed with reflux until she was 6 months old, though I knew there was a problem way before that (the darn doctor just wouldn't listen to me). I was so happy when she finally began eating & keeping it down. Of course, by then she was walking & a whole new set of problems began. It was a pretty miserable time while we were living it day in & day out.

Of course, now I look back on it, and miss being able to cuddle with my baby & spend so much time with her. She doesn't want me to do that any more. She only wants me when she needs a snack. At least it feels that way at times. She does run to me when she gets hurt, or feels some injustice has happened to her. But now, she just comes to me for reassurance, and quickly runs off to find her new favorite toy of the moment. It's good... but it hurts my heart a little. She's becoming a little lady.

Well, this post has gone way off track! I didn't intend to write about any of that tonight... :) Oh well, I tend to ramble.

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