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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walking to the Starting Line..

Things are finally starting to move a little quicker now with the adoption. I received a call from our agency today letting us know that all of our paperwork is in the US Consulate's hands as of today. The courier our agency uses in China will pick up the paperwork with the Consulate's approval on March 4th. She will promptly (we hope) deliver it to the CCAA & they will issue our TA. I asked for a rough estimate of our timeline at this point & was told we may be looking at receiving our TA around the end of March. AWESOME!! That gives us almost a month to find deals on tickets. :)

This week is finally almost completed! I'm so happy to have most of my exams over... for now. Of course, I have 2 more exams next week. Ugh. But, the week after is my spring break!! OH YEAH!

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