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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've not had the best week (to put it mildly), and it's only Tuesday. :(  Since we got the go-ahead to get our tickets for China, we started checking flight prices. Not the greatest prices... but we weren't really surprised. But then a couple of questions came up: I saw 2 different airports in Shanghai- which one should we use? And how should we get home- directly from Guangzhou (where we'll be), or get a flight back to Shanghai, so we can catch a flight from there? 

Once again, our agency proved less than helpful. I'm so frustrated and mad. When I posed our questions to them, their essential answer was, "Yeah, that is tough. Good luck to you!" WHAT??!! Are we their first clients??? Because that's how I'm feeling! It seems every time we have something we need help with, we get "I'm not sure about that" or "Hmmm, that's a tough one. Good luck while you figure that out!" Essentially no help AT ALL!! 

As I'm prone to migraines anyway...
This is how I've felt for 2 days now. After all is said and done, we finally found a travel agency who was willing to help us, but at a price, of course. I realize other families have done this before. Heck, there's a large community of adoptive families out there!! You'd just never know it by dealing with our agency!

I've decided to let things go for now. But as soon as we're home & settled in with Milo, I have every intention of letting them know exactly how I feel about them & their lack of customer service!

I wrote this last night, during the thick of the emotions, plus I was studying for an upcoming Physics exam. While I'm still very upset at our agency & the way we're being treated (that letter will still be written!), I think we've figured out how to get to China & home. :) I don't want to say we're totally set yet, but we're getting there. I'm feeling a little bit better (most of the headache pain is gone). So, we'll see how things go today....

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