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Friday, April 29, 2011


Why does the illness always come on just before a HUGE event?? Everything was perfectly fine last night... then I woke up this morning with a migraine & a nasty sore throat! UGH! I'm off to the doctor in just a little bit.

I had to go to Xandra's doctor twice earlier this week, and there is apparently a strep throat epidemic going around. I'm really frustrated that I had to expose myself to that twice in a week. I begged them to just let me schedule a call with a doctor, but I was told they don't do that at her pediatrician's. Why? No idea. Seriously, I only wanted to talk to the doctor about the best way to get Xandra on the plane & make sure we weren't kicked off. She, unfortunately, has a bit of an over-reaction to small things (not like small spaces- more along the lines of circumstances that shouldn't really warrant a meltdown). It's actually becoming quite a problem. So much so, that I'm going to look into it further when we get home from China. Until then, we've been advised to try our best to get her onto the plane sans medication, but if need be, we have the "ok" to sedate her a bit (Benadryl). I hate to do that (I really hate medication when it's not necessary), but I refuse to be that far away from my girl for that long. She's never spent a night away from us, and I won't have her first experience be for an entire 2 weeks while we're in a foreign country. Plus, I honestly believe she will be an asset to our bonding with Milo.

I got my throat swabbed for strep... I don't know the results officially, but I'm pretty sure I have it. The dr thankfully took pity on me, and went ahead & prescribed antibiotics. I sooo do not have time to be sick! My house is a disaster zone & I'm supposed to be getting ready for Xandra's birthday party tomorrow. Oh yeah.. & packing for China!! Grrrr!! All I really feel like doing is crawling back in bed & sleeping the day away. :(

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  1. Yes, she will be a huge part of the bonding with Milo:) We used liquid Melatonin, a natural supplement available at a vitamin shop, to relax Madi. Worked like a charm every time. I had a pharmacist "okay" this first.


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